Mike Bosse – Bass guitar and vocals

Mike has been a professional musician for a long time.  He original played guitar, but found that the bass guitar was the instrument that moved him.  He has played with “Six Feet Under,” TILT,” “ The Chain Reaction Band,”  “One Large One” “Fusion” and the “Sting Rays.”  His Power Trio, “TILT,” was booked through Starlie Entertainment work two to four nights a week, from Baltimore to Ocean City Maryland.

An appreciation:  Mike, originally from Baltimore, brings a level of professionalism and drive to create the bedrock groove for each song we perform. His mild manner and laid-back personality make him a total team player.  He has elevated the rhythm section of the Mathew Street Band to a new level.   He is never satisfied just going through the motions.   When Mike and I play together, the “gears mesh” to form a seamless groove.  I could not ask for a better musician to partner with in the rhythm section! DP

Mathew Street Band

Billy Libkey – Lead singer and guitarist

Feb.9 1964 my interest in being a musician was sparked. (Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan) Feb. 10 1964 my interest was now a full-fledged forest fire! All I had to do was learn to play an instrument and girls would love me. Though I was only 10 I wasn't stupid. Well maybe a little I wanted to be a drummer (I'm just kidding Donny) but my dad "suggested" I may enjoy guitar much more. I think it had something to do with the sound level of practice. So I went with being a guitar player. Played in a few bands around Baltimore. Was even lucky enough to win a local newspaper contest. Got to hear some of my original songs on the radio and made a ton of musician friends. Fast forward to 2011, retired and moved to the beach. Life is looking really good. Started playing music around town a little and made some more musician friends. Met Donny on the beach, let him talk me into putting a band together and here we are!

An Appreciation:  Billy has played solo for many years and loves to perform!  Singing lead and playing second lead/rhythm makes him the cornerstone of the Mathew Street Band.  Rich Shelton (Maryland Entertainer Hall of Fame) said that, “Billy is one of the best ‘frontmen’ around,” Billy loves to play and entertain and gives 110% every night on stage. He is my dear friend and musical brother. DP

Rick Trasatti - Lead guitar and Vocals

Rick’s musical career started in South Philly. He started playing guitar by “accident”.  He found himself laid up after a car accident and during his convalescence he picked up his brothers guitar and by the end of the summer he was playing ‘Down by the River,’ down by the river. When he got back on his feet he started playing the South Street circuit with various bands.  He polished his skills for several years in Philly and than moved to the beach in ’86.

When he got here he put together several bands.  His earlier bands include “Ruckus,” “Forecast” and “Blue Raven.”  He was also an original member of the “Wise Guys,” and played with them for 18 years.  In November of  2014 we dragged him off the couch and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Rick is now playing lead guitar and sharing the lead vocals in MSB.

An appreciation: The Mathew Street Band was fortunate to lure him out of a self-imposed musical retirement.  He has brought a lot of his own personality with his choice of new songs for the band to play. Rick is very intuitive with regards to his song interpretation and adds a distinct musicality to all of the songs we play.  Every night he sparks the band with his soaring guitar playing and fine vocal performances.  DP & BL



Don Perrin – Drums and vocals

Don started playing drums in the sixth grade.  He formed Mother’s Oats with friends in ninth grade and continued playing school dances until graduation. Mother’s Oats opened for Iron Butterfly. If you know Iron Butterfly than you have come to the right website!  Mother’s Oats set list wasn’t quite classic yet.

He moved on to the group 99 Years, and they played around the clubs in Northern New Jersey.   The band performed a mix of Rock (still not quite classic), Country, Blues and Bluegrass which expanded his playing styles. 99 Years opened for Richie Havens. Again, if you know Richie you have come to the right place!

So jump in the DeLorean and we will head to 2012. Donnie and his bride move to the beach. Sitting in his home at the beach, feeling the warm glow of content, he started to get this little itch. At first he thought it might be sand fleas but with further inward reflection he realized how much he missed playing music.  A chance trip to Cape Henlopen beach on a sunny day would prove to be his first scratch, the meeting of his future musical partner. He still wonders if going to the pool that day may have been a better idea.

He came upon a silver-haired guitarist playing these terrific 70’s and 80’s tunes on his acoustic guitar.   His wife (Don’s not the silver-haired guitarist) encouraged him to go up and introduce himself.  After much persuasion, he convinced Billy that a band would be a good idea and the Mathew Street Band was born!

An Appreciation: Donnie’s dedication to his drumming and to the band are the two driving forces that continue to push us to be the best band we can be.  Though he did have to beat me over the head with a few drumsticks to start MSB, it has proved to be one of my better decisions. Playing with Don is as much fun as it looks! He keeps us in time, on time while having a good time. He is a friend that I, and the band, are lucky to have. MSB is not just a Classic Rock band but a musical family because of Donny.  BL