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Bill Libkey

Lead Vocals • Guitars

In Feb. 9, 1964, my interest in being a musician was sparked. (Beatles appearance on Ed Sullivan) In Feb. 10, 1964, my interest was now a full-fledged forest fire! All I had to do was learn to play an instrument and girls would love me. Though I was only 10, I wasn't stupid.


Ron Witke

Lead Guitars • Vocals

Ron has been playing professionally for 35 years. His first gig was with the Johnny Fisher Show.  (Willie Nelson Tribute)  He has also played with Southern Express, Point Blank, Jim Cochran Band, and Stayin' Frosty. Ron's musical influences span through the rock of 70's and 80's.  He also loves Blues and Country.  


Scott Gordy


Scott was born and raised in Lewes. The only true local in the band. He started playing bass at 14. Scott started playing bass for his high school jazz band. That not satisfying his musical itch, he started his own band. They recorded a demo and played private parties for friends and neighbors. Scotty is a former member of Scrapple and the Wise Guys.


Don Perrin

Drums • Vocals

Don started playing drums in sixth grade. He formed Mother’s Oats with friends in ninth grade and continued playing school dances until graduation. Mother’s Oats opened for Iron Butterfly. If you know Iron Butterfly, then you have come to the right website! Mother’s Oats’ set list wasn’t quite classic yet.

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